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Krishna is one of the subjects covered in Pearl course. More will be added in future

The sketch is made keeping jewellery and hair accessory in mind for students who wants to advance in Charcoal medium.

What will I learn?

- You will learn how to make drawing for sketches with jewellery.

- Usage of a power tool that has never been shared before to create jewelery.

- How to make garlands in wedding picture requested by customers

- How to work on different cloth textures and designs such as embroidery, prints, sarees (Not a part of Krishna sketch but covered separately)

The course is an extended form from Ebony and Jade.

The basics and intermediate level is already covered before in Ebony and Jade course,  this particular sketch will only be covering new topics and technique related to just the subject.


    • What will I learn ?
      1. The course begins with "Grid Technique". 2. "Grid Technique" will be your complete guide on how to draw any sketch using grids on any platform, be it paper, canvas, wood and many more. 3. You will learn the complete information about the best materials available for Charcoals along with sources of Purchase. 4. You will learn the material handling which includes the most important lesson - hand pressure control. 5. The study of light, shadow, highlights, lowlights will be taught. 6. You will learn multiple ways of blending, correction technique, erasing technique, backgrounds and many more. 7. You can swipe through the gallery above to know the sketches you'll learn during the course.
    • How do we learn?
      1. You will be provided with pre-recorded Tutorials at your registered email address. 2. You can learn from anywhere, anytime and everything at your own pace. All you'll need is an internet connection. 3. The course is divided into various levels. 4. It is highly recommended that once you complete a level, practice a few sketches and show them to your mentor for feedback. This is the best way to implement your learning on different sketches
    • What are Mentorship and Non-Mentorship courses?
      1. Courses with Mentorship: a. This course is highly recommended for a student who is absolutely new to the medium and needs a mentor during the course to evaluate the work and share valuable feedback for improvisation b. The interaction with the mentor will be done via Whatsapp +91 9001759295 2. Course without Mentorship: a. This course is recommended for a student who has basic knowledge of Charcoals or sketching and is confident enough to learn the complete course via video tutorials.
    • Once I Purchase the course, how long it will be available to me?"
      1. The course will be made available for 1 year from the date of enrolment. 2. Course validity can be changed as per the student's request after 365 days of purchase 3. Once you have completed the course, you can contact our team for a Certificate
    • Do I have to pay extra when the course is updated?
      1. Courses will be updated every one or two months with new advanced sketches. 2. Whenever the course gets an update, the revised fee is only applicable to new enrolments. 3. Even if you purchase the course with Coupon Codes or during the Discount offer period, the new tutorials will be provided to you at no additional cost.
    • I have enrolled for Non-Mentorship, but can I upgrade my course to Mentorship In future?"
      Yes, you can upgrade your course from Non-Mentorship to Mentorship any time by just covering the balance amount.
    • What will I learn ?
      Beginner friendly course to get over with your fear of Oil Painting! - The course is an access to all the 7 live sessions (Each Video of 1 Hour - 2 Hour long) which were recoreded while the above subject was taught in the live class - The videos will include different queries asked by students during the live classes - Knowledge of Colours - Blending technique - Do's and Dont's of Oil Painting - Oil v/s Acrylic - which one to choose when? - Canavs Types, framing knowloedge, shipping the products - You will also get additional access of tutorials on how to make any drawing using Grid Technique And the list goes on!
    • How do we learn?
      You will be provided with recorded tutorials from our Live Sessions of Oil Painting Classes which happened on Microsoft Teams. The link for all the videos will be provided to you within 24-48 hours of your registration on your registered E mail address
    • Once I Purchase the course, how long it will be available to me?"
      1. The course will be made available for 1 year from the date of enrolment. 2. Course validity can be changed as per the student's request after 365 days of purchase
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